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While purchasing a safe may seem like a simple task that can be completed at any big box retailer or office supply store, there are a variety of considerations that our professional locksmiths are uniquely qualified to discuss with you. First of all, there are many different types of safes. Floor safes are designed to be installed into concrete floor or recessed into floor beams. They are typically installed in new constructions and require the most forethought of any type of safe.

Floor safes are easily concealed since they are flush with the floor around them and often offer limited fire protection when installed with surrounding concrete. However, they cannot be installed in wet areas due to the risk of leakage and have limited storage space.

Wall safes are typically recessed into the wall between studs and therefore offer the benefit of concealment. Their installation is not a secure as floor safes, and they likewise offer limited storage space.

Upright safes are the most common type of safe. They can be bolted to the floor in almost any sort of construction. Upright safes are also available with options such as cash drawers and drop slots. They are available in virtually any imaginable size and are well suited to storing most items. Unlike floor safes and wall safes which can only be attacked through the door, an upright safe often has many exposed sides and must be reinforced from every angle. Consequently, their weight is much greater than any other model.

Safes, meaning mostly upright safes , are also available in a number of different construction types. Fire safes are designed to prevent paper from burning. Their hourly ratings are based upon the length of time they are guaranteed to keep paper intact. For storage of things such as computer media and moisture-sensitive items, specially designed containers must be used. Fire safes are often more lightly constructed than other types of safes and therefore offer limited protection against burglary.

Burglary safes are most often built of solid, heavy plate steel. They are not impenetrable, but they offer the best protection against the widest range of attacks. The thickness and hardness of the materials used in their construction determines a burglary safe's rating. Most burglary safe offer no resistance to fire and are best suited to temporary storage of cash and other valuables.

Composite safes are rated for both burglary and fire protection. These safes rely on thicker doors and walls to offer their dual protection. Consequently, their storage space is smaller proportional to their weight than any other type of safe and their purchase price is slightly higher. Nonetheless, the composite safe is the most versatile safe on the market and is suited to most applications.

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